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Water Base Products

For environmental friendliness and ease of cleanup, nothing beats a water-based ink, and International Coatings' GEN IV Series is the best water-based screen printing ink in the business. Check out our water-base Discharge System as well. It is very effective, easy to use, and can be used to create great special effects.

GEN IV Non-PVC, Non-Phthalate Inks
Check out our latest innovative eco-friendly ink, GEN IV.  This high-solids ink produces a  very opaque print, yet is a creamy, non-toxic water-base ink that does not easily dry out on the screen. 

GEN IV series inks are unique. Unlike other eco-friendly inks, GEN IV inks are creamy and full-bodied, and offer the coverage, opacity and performance of plastisols. GEN IV was developed to provide optimal performance on both manual and automatic printers. In addition to being PVC-free and Phthalate-free, GEN IV does not contain any heavy metals or other harmful materials. GEN IV has been tested by independent labs and certified as meeting Oeko-Tex standards. Click here to view the certificates.

GEN IV's initial product line consists of 19 primary colors and several specialty inks. The colors can be used as stock printing colors or as color primaries in the GEN IV color matching system. The initial line of GEN IV specialty inks include a Clear Base, Puff Additive, Foil/Transfer Adhesive, and a Glitter Base. Click here to view the GEN IV Manual.

Here is an actual scan of the available colors:

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