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Nylon Plastisol Systems

The special demands of screen printing on nylon are met with ink systems from International Coatings. We offer athletic multipurpose systems, PANTONE® color-matching systems and other inks to produce the finest printed product around.

UltraMix® 9000 Color System
The UltraMix® 9000 Color System for nylon is formulated to provide simulations of the PANTONE® Color Standards for light- and dark-colored nylon fabrics. UltraMix® 9000 products are fast-flashing, two-part plastisol-based inks specifically formulated for printing on normally hard-to-print nylon. The colors also are well suited for fine-detail and halftone printing.

900 Series for Nylon
When it comes to hard-to-print nylon, 900 series inks are recognized as the industry's best. These fast-flashing, two-part inks are specifically formulated for printing on nylon, but they are as easy to use as conventional plastisols and just as durable.

1100 Series Athletic Multipurpose
A very durable, high-viscosity plastisol ink formulated for printing directly on most athletic garments, 1100 Series inks also can be used for cold-peel transfers and as a flock adhesive. Available colors match the most popular colors used for athletic garment printing.

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