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Insta Graphic Systems Heat Seal Machines

International Coatings is proud to announce that INSTA Graphic Systems Heat Seal Machines are now available through selected International Coatings' distributors. INSTA is the world's leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art heat seal machines for transfer applications on fabrics and non-porous hard surfaces. INSTA machines do the job right every time.

The ultimate in machinery for application of heat transfers and for the color copy industry, INSTA's heat seal equipment is backed by proven reliability, quality parts and construction, and a lifetime guarantee on its cast-in tubular heating element.

Digital Machines

Model 138
Model 228
Model 718/728
Model 828
Model 907


Model 158
Model 204
Model 418
Model 929


Quality Engineering

All INSTA machines have a cast-in tubular heating element, the most reliable even heating source available. The temperature control sensor is located as close to the heating surface as possible to ensure accurate temperature sensing. Platens are cast and heat-treated. The printing surface is tested for ultimate flatness. INSTA coats the upper heating platen with Teflon for easy cleaning. The lower platen is covered with the finest silicone sponge rubber for superior applications. All these features come housed in a heat-treated aluminum casting for strength and durability. The painted finish is baked enamel, which keeps the machine looking as good as the products it seals. Quality parts and construction from the inside out – INSTA's machines are the ones you can depend on.


INSTA manufactures over 12 different models available in 120-volt and 240-volt systems. All INSTA machines proudly carry approvals for quality and safety from agencies such as UL in the United States, CuL in Canada and CE in Europe. These certifications assure customers they are purchasing machines that meet the safety standards.

INSTA pioneered the swing-away heat platen, which prevents direct exposure to the heating element. During application, a safety latch on manually operated machines keeps the handle in place. INSTA's automatic models incorporate a two-hand switch operation, anti-tiedown devices, breakaway platens and disengage switches for additional safety.

Other standard features you will find in INSTA's heat seal machines include:

  • Automatic temperature controls
  • Protective heat shroud
  • Fully adjustable pressure control
  • Laboratory-quality stem thermometer
  • Fully detailed operation and maintenance manual in four languages
  • Lifetime warranty on heating element, 1-year parts and 90-days warranty on labor
  • Anti-tiedown switch on automatic models
  • UL-, CuL- and CE-approved
  • Heavy-duty packaging
  • Service

INSTA machines come with a complete maintenance manual, wiring schematic and parts. INSTA has a hot line direct to the machine shop where customers can speak to a certified technician for information and receive assistance if a machine needs maintenance or spare parts. The number is (800) 426-3609 or (951) 943-4776.






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