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Nylon Printing

Can I use 'regular' plastisol to print nylon jackets or do I need special inks?

We do not recommend using 'regular' plastisol ink to print nylon jackets. Adhesion to nylon is difficult to achieve with regular inks. There may be situations where regular plastisols could work, but you likely would need to add an adhesion catalyst to the ink. Our 900 series Nylon inks are specifically formulated for nylon jacket and woven materials. Our 900 series inks have been formulated for superior adhesion and abrasion resistance.

Why is the ink coming off the jackets even though I used "nylon ink"?

Did you use catalyst? Did you mix it correctly? Was the ink properly cured? These are the first things you should determine. It's possible that the jackets or nylon materials you have contain a water-repellant coating on them. This coating often prevents inks from properly adhering to the material. Try cleaning an area of the nylon with Rubbing Alcohol. Then place water droplets on the area you cleaned and the area you didn't touch. If the water is absorbed more quickly into the area that you cleaned with alcohol, the jacket likely has a coating. Clean the areas of your jackets that you will be printing before you print. Change your cloth or rag frequently while cleaning; you don't want to re-deposit the coating back onto the jacket. (See HOW-TO Nylon Jacket Printing).

Can nylon inks be printed without catalyst?

Yes they can, but not on most Nylon materials. Nylon inks can be printed on cotton or cotton/poly blends without having to use a catalyst; but nylon inks tend to have a stiffer hand feel than other plastisol inks.

Can I use your catalyst with another company's ink?

We do not recommend it - although people do. We cannot assure that our catalyst is compatible with any or all other plastisol inks. We stand behind our products when they are used properly and not intermixed with other companies' ink products.

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