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Standard Direct Print Plastisol Inks

International Coatings has the field covered in direct print plastisol inks, from puff to athletic multipurpose. And you can count on quality for the whole nine yards.

Multipurpose Series
These100% solids plastisol inks can be used for direct printing, cold-peel transfers, hot-peel transfers (with the addition of 500 Quick-Trans Additive) and as a flock adhesive. They are available in more than 40 standard colors, including 15 premixed metallics and glitters. A litho backing white is also available.

700 Series Standard Direct Print Inks
The 700 Series includes a versatile selection of high-pigment (HP) colors for dark fabrics, standard colors for light fabrics and a soft-hand additive that can be mixed with the inks to soften the feel of a print. The economically priced 700 series produces excellent results in almost any printing situation but is at its best on automated equipment.

900 Series for Nylon
When it comes to hard-to-print nylon, 900 series inks are recognized as the industry's best. They are fast-flashing, two-part ink systems specifically formulated for printing on nylon. As easy to use as conventional plastisols, they are also just as durable.

1100 Series Athletic Multipurpose
Very durable, high-viscosity plastisols formulated for printing directly on most athletic garments,1100 Series inks also can be used for cold-peel transfers and as a flock adhesive. Available colors match the most popular colors used for athletic garment printing.

7600 Series Standard Direct Print Inks
The 7600 Series inks are ready to use, high performance inks well suited for high definition and resolution printing. Excellent for half-tone printing or designs with high detail. The ink is creamy and short bodied with low tack and for ease of printing, a greatly improved shear.

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