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AXEON™ UltraMix 1200 Series Non-PVC Color System View Our Full Catalog
AXEON™ 1255-1257 Shimmers
AXEON™ 1296 Metallic Silver
AXEON™ 1801 Foil Adhesive
AXEON™ 1241 HD BASE & 1243 HD White
Optilux 507 Enhanced
AXEON™ 1811 Granite Base™
3804 Low Cure Additive
3810 BlowOut Base
3811 Granite Base
3816 - 3819 Sentri Soft-Hand Enhancers
3820 Flock Adhesive
3822 Destructo White Flyer
3823 Destructo Black
6100 Super Opaque Series
7014 Legacy White flyer
7031 Ultra White™
7041 Paramount White
7100 Performance Pro Flyer
7113 Performance Pro White Flyer
Ultramix® 7500 Color Concentrate Color System
UltraMix® 7500 Series Color System
Ultramix® 9000 Nylon Color Mixing System

Please note that those products labeled "Phthalate Compliant" or "Non-Phthalate" are no longer formulated with the following six restricted phthalates, nor are they intentionally added to these inks as part of the manufacturing process: DEHP (Di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate), DBP (Dibutyl phthalate), BBP (Benzyl butyl phthalate), DINP (Di-isononyl phthalate), DIDP (Di-isodecyl phthalate), and DnOP (Di-n-octyl phthalate). We may have some residual stock on hand that are non-compliant, so if you require Compliant or Non-Phthalate products, please be sure to note that clearly on your orders.


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