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Optilux® Ultra Reflective Ink

Optilux® Ultra Reflective Ink International Coatings now offers a full line of Optilux® Ultra Reflective inks, transfers, and adhesives. Together with Viz Reflectives, International Coatings has developed Optilux® 505 and 507 Enhanced Reflectives, the most powerful and brightest reflective ink system on the market. Optilux® 505 and 507 can be printed through fine meshes so printers realize substantially improved yields, and fine detail and definition. The Optilux® 950 transfer system is not only exceptionally bright but offers a remarkably soft hand and outstanding detail and definition. Both Optilux® 505 & 507 Plastisol and 950 Transfers can be printed on a wide variety of substrates.



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Optilux™ 505 Reflective Direct Print

Optilux™ 507 Enhanced Reflective Ink

Optilux™ 950 Reflective Transfer System



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