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Optilux® Ultra Reflective Ink

Optilux® Ultra Reflective Ink International Coatings now offers a full line of Optilux® Ultra Reflective inks, transfers, and adhesives. Together with Viz Reflectives, International Coatings has developed Optilux® 505 and 507 Enhanced Reflectives, the most powerful and brightest reflective ink system on the market. Optilux® 505 and 507 can be printed through fine meshes so printers realize substantially improved yields, and fine detail and definition. The Optilux® 950 transfer system is not only exceptionally bright but offers a remarkably soft hand and outstanding detail and definition. Both Optilux® 505 & 507 Plastisol and 950 Transfers can be printed on a wide variety of substrates.

Along with the Optilux® Ultra Reflective ink and transfer systems, InternationalCoatings now offers the full line of VizLite promotional grade tapes and sheeting. Coming next year are VizLite technical and specification grade tapes and sheeting. You can learn more about Viz Reflectives and VizLite by visiting



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Optilux™ 505 Reflective Direct Print

Optilux™ 507 Enhanced Reflective Ink

Optilux™ 950 Reflective Transfer System



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