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Plastisols are liquid at room temperature and must be heated to approximately 350°F internally to reach their maximum physical properties. A versatile product, plastisols can be dip, cast, or rotation molded, and sprayed. Following are a few of the products manufactured from International Coatings plastisols:

Fishing Lures

  • Formulas for salt and fresh water fishing. 
  • Durometer range of 15-95 shore-A.
  • Can be purchased in clear or in colors.
  • No plasticizer migration.

Replica Food

  • Formulated with F.D.A. raw materials.
  • All Durometer ranges.
  • Water based urethane coating for color hi-lites available.


  • Formlated with F.D.A. raw materials
  • Complete range of non hazardous pigments are used.
  • Durometer range, 30 shore-A to 40 shore-D

Filter end caps for air and liquid cartridges

  • Durometer range 40 to 80 shore-A.
  • F.D.A formulas available.
  • Fomulated to be non-wicking on most medias.
  • NSF approval.

 Medical devices manufacturing

  • Formulated with FDA raw materials.
  • All Durometer ranges.                                                                           
  • Certification documents for all products.

Hot dip and open molding manufacturing.

  • Formulas for coating tool handels, grips and caps.
  • All Durometer ranges.
  • All color selection.
  • No plasticizer migration.
  • FDA type formulas available
  • Foamable plastisol available.

Rotational molded products

  • Durometer range 30 shore-A to 40 shore-D
  • All color selection.
  • Products are formulated to insure smooth, even surfaces when molded.
  • FDA formulas available.
  • Primer available for metal inserts.

The following PDF outlines the wide variety of physicals that can be obtained from industrial plastisols. Adobe Acrobat's (PDF) reader is available at no charge from Adobe Systems.

Plastisol Properties


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