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BlowOut/Granite Base - Sample 1  

For this particular design, you will need 3 screens as follows:

1st screen
• Use a mixture of 90% 3810 BlowOut™ Base and 10% Black Color Concentrate (you can use other colors, of course) on a 25 mesh screen

• Flash the ink (10 seconds)

2nd screen
• Print your design again using the mixture of 90% 3810 BlowOut™ Base and10% Black CC, using the 25mesh screen

• Flash (10 seconds)

3rd screen
• On the third screen, use a mixture of 90% 3811 Granite Base™ and 10% Black CC on a 40 mesh screen

• Cure @ 380 degrees for 2 minutes and voila, you’ve got an amazing textured design.


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