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New Product Announcements

New 3823 Destructo Black Available Now
New Astro Clear Black Light Ink Available Now
New Optilux Enhanced Reflective Available Now
Important Product Announcement
Next Gen CentrisTM Non-Phthalate Inks Are Here!
New Destructo White Available Now
New Direct Print Flock Adhesive - Flexible & Strong
New Low-Cure Additive Available Now
New Economical Knock-Out Whites Available Now
New Sentri Line Of Soft-Hand Enhancers Now Available
New 7900 Low-Cure, Phthalate-Free Ink
New BLOWOUT BASE Now Available
New GRANITE BASE For Amazing Textures
Eco-Friendly, PVC-Free GEN IV Series Is Here!
NEW GEN IV PVC-Free Inks Are Here!
Paramount White Press Release
New! 7041 Paramount White
Water-Base Discharge Now Available
Greater Control with FOIL RESIST ADDITIVE
New Metallic Shimmers in Fashion Colors
New Bleed Blocking BLOCKER GRAY
Introducing Our New Cotton White
Revolutionary Reflective Textile Printing
Introducing FOREVER Ink-Jet Dark



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